’A clear contender for album of the year.’ (Lack of Lies) 

’This is a band of attitude, it really goes beyond.’ (Metal Addicts) 

’This record should be mandatory for every metalhead.’ (Rock Hard) 

’Elegant blend of groove and barbed glistening riffs.’ (Metal Hammer) 

’This spellbinding hymn to darkness simply cannot be missed.’ (The Offering Magazine)


Acârash delivers a distinct blend of filthy black metal, depressive doom and organic 70s hard rock. Founded in the autumn mist of Oslo in 2016, the critically acclaimed debut «In Chaos Becrowned» was released in June 2018 on Dark Essence Records. Mixed, mastered and engineered by Ruben Willem (Djevel, Taake, Kvelertak, Okkultokrati) the sound is unmistakably that of Acârash: occult, suicidal and fucking tight.

While ritualistic contemplation is vital to the cause, fierce satanic assault is never far off. In 2019 Acârash descend upon Europe with relentless touring and fanatic devotion, delivering their unholy marriage of profound darkness and primitive pleasure.

The members consists of Lukas Paulsen on guitars (Lonely Kamel, Zection8, The Void), Valac on bass and voice (Faustus, Deep Rest, The Void), Sølve Sæther on drums (Lonely Kamel, The Void, Lumachelle) and Anders Gjelsvik on guitar.

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